Earn up to £552* a year in Cashback with Pockit

October 10, 2020

What would you do with an extra £552 per year? Be it a short holiday to a sunny location, splashing your cash in nice items of clothing or even setting money aside from a rainy day, we all would find a good use for a few extra hundred pounds a year. Pockit users could earn up to £552 a year in cashback* just by using their Pockit prepaid Mastercard when shopping for everyday essentials. How it works If you already have a Pockit account, all you have to do is top it up here and pay with Pockit at one of our partner retailers.If you don’t have a Pockit account, you can signup for one in a few minutes here.How much cashback you can earn with Pockit. There’s no limit to how much cashback you can earn with Pockit. Here is how much you can earn on average* by paying with your Pockit card when shopping with our partners:

*We based all calculations here on the UK’s average household spend on essentials. Accurate as of time of writing.

How to earn up to £15 cashback* in your monthly grocery shop

You can earn up to £15 cashback every month* when you pay with your Pockit prepaid MasterCard and shop for groceries and household items in one of our partners.This adds up to £180* at the end of the year, enough for you to spoil the entire family over Christmas with great food and gifts.

Want order some extra £11* with your food?

You get the tips when you use your Pockit contactless card when you eat out at one of our cashback partners. Getting £11 cashback on average each month adds up to £132 at the end of the year*, much more than an extra slice of your pizza.

With an extra £132 you can fly to Rome for an authentic pizza slice or set it aside for some nice romantic dinners throughout the year.

Find some extra money in your brand new clothes

There’s no feeling better than finding a £5 in your coat’s pocket. But did you know that you might be losing over £48* by not shopping with Pockit?Use your Pockit card when shopping for new trainers and clothes at one of our partners and you’ll get some money back paid into your account in 60 days.A nice little surprise that really adds up and the end of the year, with an extra £48 in your pocket*, you can get a new pair of trainers or level up your wardrobe.

The gift that keeps on giving

Shopping for toys, electronics or novelty gifts for your loved ones with your Pockit card is very rewarding.

Not only you’ll show appreciation for your loved ones with well-thought presents, but you’ll get some cashback with every purchase in our partner brands.

Get up to £84 cashback on average* when you use Pockit to pay for miscellaneous items throughout the year. Enough to pamper yourself with a nice (or naughty) gift at the end of the year. You deserve it.

Already have a Pockit account? Top it up here and if you are new to Pockit, you can signup and get your account setup in a few minutes here.