Pockit customers can find cheaper broadband deals with Youtility

July 28, 2022

The rise in energy and food prices will have a strong impact on our finances in 2022. This is why Pockit is launching a new feature for our customers: you can now search for better value broadband, phone and TV deals straight from your Pockit app or at Pockit.com.

How it works

We partnered with Youtility to help you find cheaper services in your area and help you spend less on your internet, phone and TV bills.

Just visit this page and fill in the form to find out how much you could save by switching your broadband provider. You only need your postcode to check the deals in your area.

How much could you save?

According to Ofcom, many UK households could save up to £150 a year by switching their current broadband providers.

Once you enter your postcode, look for the monthly prices of the deals available in your area to check how much you could save. If the contract on your current deal ended recently, you’re likely to find a cheaper provider of a similar service.

However, it is important to be aware of other costs involved, like any upfront payments required, exit fees, bundled products like landline minutes and differing equipment required.

Here is a list of the information you’ll need to find out how much you could save, these can be found in your current broadband contract or bill:

  1. Your current monthly payment and charges
  2. Exit and cancellation fees of your current contract
  3. Your current internet speed and any usage limits
  4. The type of broadband you currently have (ADSL, Fibre or Cable)

What is Youtility?

Youtility is an independent and impartial platform we are partnering with to help you find better deals and packages and save money on your broadband, phone and TV contracts.

Through Youtility we empower you to compare 95%+ of the deals available in your area, get an impartial quote and find the best broadband speed/package for you.

What do I need to do next?

Visit Pockit.com to fill in your form and discover how much you can save. Check the deals available in your area and click on get this deal to switch providers. You’ll be directed to the broadband provider’s site to get the deal.

If you don’t have it already, download your Pockit app for more ways to better manage your money and find extra cash every month.