Meet the new Pockit Card — brighter, bolder and available now!

November 22, 2019

Looks different, works the same

This is the 4th update to the Pockit Card since 2014 and it’s a big one that we are particularly excited about! But just as you should never judge a book by its cover, the bold new look Pockit Card does not change how your Pockit account works, or how you pay with your card.

Why is there a new card?

The new Pockit card is about more than just an attractive new look. In fact, a lot of time has gone into the design of the card and working with the manufacturer on everything — from what the card is made of, to where each piece of information is located on the card. When making these decisions, we are always looking for how to make the card better for customers each and every time they use it.

The result is the best, most modern Pockit card we have ever had, so we wanted to take the time to explain two things in this blog:

  • What has changed
  • Why the new card is better

What has changed

In two words — a lot. Some of the changes are big and obvious and some are so small many people might not notice. But we all know size doesn’t matter and each change was made for a reason and has a clear benefit.

  1. Modern style that just looks ‘goood’ 💎️
  2. It feels better and is tougher 💪
  3. Card details are hidden on the back 👀
  4. It’s flat and tight jeans friendly 👖
  5. Bold fonts that are easier to read ✅
  6. New security features inside and out 🔒

Why the new card is better

Now, the really important part is why those changes matter and how it makes the Pockit card better for customers on a day-to-day basis — whether you notice or not.

Better looking card for a better current account

Our mission hasn’t changed since we started in 2014 — to provide a better current account for people that the high street doesn’t want or care about.

What has changed is that we have gotten much better at doing that! Pockit is now a true current account rather than a basic prepaid card and comes loaded with great features, exclusive discounts and other benefits our competitors don’t offer. Plus, we have kept prices low and built a mobile app that our customers tell us is simpler, quicker and better than what they had before.

So, there is nothing basic about Pockit and we want the card to look so good that people know that just by looking — plus, we want our customers to feel good when they pull out their Pockit card!

Premium quality that is made to last

Cards are just like cars, the more you use them the more they start to break down — and we know some people have jobs and lives that mean their card needs to survive a bit more punishment than usual.

So we made a card that can take a beating and still work when you need it to! The card is more scratch resistant, more water resistant, won’t fade as quickly and while we don’t recommend testing this — it’s also much more resistant to bending and other physical damage.

More secure than ever before

Every Pockit account keeps your money safe with our advanced 24/7 fraud protection and a whole bunch of other features you may not even think about, like how your PIN is revealed one number at a time to make sure only you see it.

For the same reason, we have moved the card number to the back side of the card, which means even if you want to take a picture of your card and post it on social media when it arrives, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your card details. What people can’t see, they can’t steal!

Your card details are on the back of the card because what people can’t see, they can’t steal!

On the inside of the card there are also some great security upgrades that you can’t see no matter how hard you look. These all have to do with what the card is actually made of and essentially help protect your card from being ‘cloned’ by electronic devices and from criminals that might have tampered with your local cash machine.