Get cashback at Sainsbury's with Pockit

February 20, 2024

Whether you are a savvy shopper or just want to find ways to make your money a little extra on your grocery budget, you're in for a treat. Pockit, our trusty sidekick in the world of getting cashback on everyday spend, has a nifty trick up its sleeve – a cool 3% cashback on your Sainsbury's grocery hauls (excluding a few odds and ends). Exciting, right? Let's dive into the details and unlock the secrets to making your money work harder for you!

Pockit 101

‍First off, if you're not already flaunting a Pockit prepaid Mastercard®, it's time to join the cool kids' club. Pockit is all about hassle-free digital banking, and they've teamed up with Sainsbury's to give you that sweet 3% cashback on your grocery buys. Just use your Pockit card when you shop in-store or online – it's like a secret handshake for extra cashback 😉.

What's in and What's Out

Now, let's talk shop – literally! Your 3% cashback extravaganza covers most of your grocery list at Sainsbury's. Fresh veggies, snacks, and those gotta-have-it treats – they're all fair game. But, fair warning, the magic doesn't extend to some items like fuel, cigarettes and alcohol. Keep it real, and keep it edible to cash in on your everyday shop.

Counting Your Pennies

‍Here's the scoop – that 3% cashback might seem like small change in a single shop, but with Pockit, it's easy to watch it add up like a pro. Picture this: every pound you spend on groceries you get 3% back in your pocket, for someone that spends £100 a week in groceries, this means £3 back. Do the math over a year, and they would be pocketing £156 in cashback. And who doesn't want to get a extra £156 at the end of the year?

Double the Fun with Nectar Points

But wait, there's more! While you're piling up the right type of extra pounds into your Pockit account, you're also racking up Nectar points – Sainsbury's way of saying, "Thanks for being awesome!" Nectar points are like little golden tickets to discounts, treats, and even guilt-free splurges and you can spend them in many stores. So, you're not just saving now; you're scoring sweet deals for later.

Top Tips for Maximum Cashback Joy:

  1. Stay in the Loop: Pockit's like your shopping BFF, always in the know. Keep an eye on your Pockit updates for any juicy news about extra cashback days or special promos. Think of us like your very own personal shopper whispering savvy secrets in your ear on how to make your money go further.
  2. Strategize Your Shops: If you're feeling extra clever, plan your grocery trips around special promos and bulk buy items with long shelf life when possible. It's like timing your entrance to a sale – only cooler because it's your everyday essentials.
  3. Mix and Match Deals: Get creative! Combine your Pockit cashback with other Sainsbury's offers for a shopping symphony of savings. It's like a budget-friendly dance party – and who doesn't love a good deal dance?
  4. Mind the Exclusions: Nobody likes surprises at the checkout. Be a shopping ninja and know the drill – fuel, gift cards, and non-grocery goodies might not join the cashback fiesta. Plan your list accordingly, and you'll be golden.

In a Nutshell:

So, my fellow bargain hunters, there you have it – your guide to unlocking the wonders of Pockit's 3% cashback at Sainsbury's. Turn your routine grocery run into a savings celebration, and let those pounds and points roll in. It's not just about spending less; it's about getting more – more savings, more perks, and more high-fives to your savvy self.

Happy shopping, and may your cashback adventures be bountiful! 🛒💸✨